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     This page showcases the bracelets I've made in the past.

Chainmail bracelet
This is a small chainmail bracelet, only 5 rings wide. It is held together with a jewelry clasp, and can be adjusted for various wrist sizes.

Cost: $8.00, plust shipping

Wide leather bracelet
With a bracelet this wide, it leaves a lot of room for designs to be burned or inscribed onto it, as well as studs, spikes, chains, ect. This one has my rose logo on one side, and a fairly simple tribal pattern burned into it.

Cost: $10-$15, depending on complexity of designs or any other added features.

Thin bracelet
This bracelet doesn't have much room for design. It can come in various colors, and it can have designs burned onto it. Or it can have studs or spikes added.
(no pic for now)
Cost: $5-10, depending on complexity of designs or any other added features.

Bondage bracelet
A wide bracelet with two straps running across it. The bracelet is tightened by the two smaller straps, and on each strap is a D-ring that you can attach a chain to.

Cost: $12, chain costs an additional dollar a foot. $20 dollars for a pair

'Scrap' bracelets
These are small hardened leather bracelets made from leftover bits of leather I have after cutting larger things. They can come in various shapes, and they're hardened so that they will stay around the wrist even without a clasp or snap. Just ask for a design to be burned onto it, and a color, and I'll sell it for cheap. This particular one has a pentacle with two half moons on either side burned into it.

Cost: $5 plus shipping

More to come soon...

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