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     Welcome to This is a small site dedicated to making and selling inexpensive, but not mass manufactured leatherwork. This is not an online store of mass produced work, merely an online showcase of my work. And if you wish to commission a piece, either one of your own design, or one similar to something on my site, email me and I will quote you a price.
     The leatherwork in this site focuses mainly on the goth style, with a bit of punk/metal influence. In the non-goth section you will find most of my medieval leatherwork style. In the masks section at the moment you will only find fairly basic and simple masks, that's something I haven't done much experimenting with. The chainmail section has the work I've done with both plain chainmail, and items made with both chainmail and leather.
     If you wish to order, click on the 'Contact Me' button.

All content of this site is copyright 2005 Hugh Sullivan and

Have a nice day :)