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     Often you'll see these mislabeled as 'gauntlets'. Gauntlets are armor for the hands. Bracers are armor for the forearm. (you can even see the same root word there as the word 'bracelet') And now that our history lesson is over (oh, and bracer was just the shortened form of the full word for arm armor: vambrace. Okay, NOW the lesson is over), here are the bracers that I've made.

Chainmail bracer
This is a bracer made to fit over most of the forearm. Since it is just chainmail, with no leather backing, it tends to slide down the arm when the arm is held downwards. While it is capable of stopping most blades, without any backing, chainmail tends to not absorb blows very well.

Cost: $35-40, depending on size.

Boot bracer
This was the first leather bracer I ever made. I took an old boot that was falling apart, although the neck of the boot was in great condition, and just chopped off the bottom. Then I relaced the laces to fit tighter, since my arm is a bit smaller than my leg. After that, I burned a few designs into it, then wrapped it up with black chain. Each bracer has about 5 feet of chain wrapped around it. In my opinion, it's a bit more of a statement to have five feet of chain around your arm than to have little tiny dull chrome spikes.
But maybe that's just me.

Cost: This is a fairly one of a kind item, and the cost to duplicate it would depent on how cheaply I could find another pair of boots like these.

Chain bracer
Based on a similar idea to the boot bracer, this is my perfected design. Four criss-crossed straps run across the main body of the bracer, with D-rings at the end. The chain is strung through the D-rings and wrapped around the arm until it reaches the end, where the last two straps have a belt buckle instead of a D-ring at the end.
The nice thing about this as opposed to the boot bracer is that A) the chain can't fall loose by accident, and it can't bunch up in one place and B) the straps can by dyed different colors. Originally I dyed them purple, but for some reason the purple didn't take properly, so I had to dye them black instead.

Cost: $40 for one, $70 for two.

'Batman' bracer
Leather triangles point up from the body of this bracer. Like the straps in the chain bracer, they can also be dyed different colors. In this picture, the edges of the triangles are purple, and the main part has a coat of black and a coat of purple, giving it an almost purple highlight to it.

Cost: $30-$35, depending on detail, number of triangles, ect. $55-$65 for two

Dragonscale bracer
This bracer is half covered by a scale pattern similar to the belly of a dragon or snake. For slightly more, you can have the whole bracer covered in the scale.

Cost: $40 for half scale, $50 for full scale. (half scale is in the photo, full scale covers the whole bracer)

More to come soon...

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